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Thursday, 10-Apr-2008 00:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Return of the Jedi

Pustakawan n Angkasawan
Puan Hajjah n Dr. Sheikh
Sani n Dr. Sheikh
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A very dear friend mentioned to me. She didn't see any new things on my fotopage. Well it's been a while since I do something with my fotopage. Anyway, now I'm back and I'll try to put as much thing in the fotopage and I'll visit my own and my friend's fotopage as frequent as I could (provided I have time to waste).

Anyway, since it's the beginning of a new entry, maybe I should just put memorable photos. These photos are recent photos taken during the PPM AGM in PNM. We were so excited on the day 1st because I manage to get two days break to go back to our kampung. 2nd because I didn't expect to see anyone I know in the meeting yet I wet one of my best friend (Well eeja, it was worth going to the meeting if we could meet up and chat and gossip). 3rd because we met Malaysia's 1st Cosmonaut Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar Syukor. Like what my husband said, being angkasawan or pustakawan doesn't make much difference because at the end of the day we'll sit at the same table. Lastly the weekends and my two days break was ended with a meeting with my fellow students who were so excited to see me I feel like I've won the Most popular artist of the year award.

Tuesday, 27-Jun-2006 11:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark

sibu 2
sibu 3
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I feel so tired today. We just finished our retreat this evening. Actually, I didn't wait until the end. I need to rush since i've promised my friend who sent me to commuter station just now.

Welll, there's nothing much to tell. The retreat, besides being the only event that could gather all the lecturers in my faculty, has made us think and talk and analyse all the things that we had done and where we did wrong with our course. Of course there are a lot of things that we have to change and some things that we have to omit. and as for us who are willing to be part of the discussion group, there are a lot that we can share and learn from each other.

but there's something that bothers me. I found that some people are more willing to find out about other people than about the course. There's so many busy body and backstabber in the faculty. Not only that, some people they didn't feel bad when they let others to do all the work and later they willl just ask for all the materials needed.

Hm... so much with my babling. I'm actually very tired and I can't think straight. Therefore for those who happened to read these, don't bother. I'm just tired and didn't actually think straight when i write this.

Tuesday, 16-May-2006 08:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark

On the boat
The Rocks
Kak Dah n myself
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We went to Bako National Park a few weeks ago. That was before we went to Sarikei. Actually we didn't plan to go. It happened that my friends in IRB (Inland Revenue Board) were going to have a trip there. So we just join them.

Basically Bako is about 30 minutes drive from Kuching and the National Park is a 15 minutes boat ride from the jetty. There are a few beaches and island around the National Park. During the trip, we decided to go for a jungle trekking. Our destinantion was the Small Pandan Beach.

The route that we followed were a variety one. There were a rainforest and some sort of a dessert. we climbed hills and walk along a small river. We walked for more than two hours. By the time we arrived at the beach, we were too tired to enjoy the view. Maybe that's why people say it's not the destination, but the journey that counts.

Wednesday, 26-Apr-2006 01:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kolong 2

Alan...IT master
kontrak angkat barang...
tukang cat...yg terlebih pose
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Before this, I thought I'm able to write down about all my experience in Australia n New Zealand. But as time goes by, I've become very busy with stuff (I mentioned stuff because I don't really know what was it that I've been busy with). I've experienced a lot of new things, go to places n then I realized that I have to start somewhere or everything will be lost along the way. maybe I should just write about anything that I feel like writing. N today I would like to write about Kolong. Last month my students and I organized a program called "Semarak Budi Tautan Kasih II". In a village in Kuching, Sarawak.

Actually we re "set-up" the Perpustakaan Desa there. It was quite an experience. The setting up is one thing. Another thing is to get to know people. From the project, I learnt a lot about myself, about my students and the people there. As for my students, I can see what kind of people they are and what kind of people they would be.

Wednesday, 1-Mar-2006 03:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My wedding...

Wedding in Kuching
Wedding in Kajang
Wedding in Pahang
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I had 3 wedding ceremonies in 3 different places. Normally people will have 2 ceremonies. 1 in the bride's house and another in the groom's house. But we had three. 1 in Kuching Sarawak, 1 in Kajang Selangor and the last 1 in Rompin Pahang. There's a lot to tell and a lot to explain. But for now, maybe I just show the photos...

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